Terrible twos

Man the baby is growing at an amazing pace. It is hard to believe that just a couple of months ago he couldn’t talk. Ofcourse with the introduction of vocabulary come new problems, new teaching oportunities, but in his case and above all more ways to drive us crazy. People always spoke about “the terrible […]

A chip in my shoulder, what’s the big idea?

As many of you have probably heard, yesterday little Somer Thompson was found dead in a GA landfill. Somer disappeared while walking home from school on Monday night and while the authorities did everything possible to locate her when she was found it was too late. The mother pleaded with the public just a few […]

Trip to the Zoo, the circle of life!

Last year for Christmas Aunt Wissa (Melissa) gave us a year long pass to the Jacksonville Zoo for Annie, Quincy and Me. The first time we went Quincy was 1 year old and just sat around and fell asleep on my head while walking it was an enjoyable trip for Annie and I but it […]

Listen to your heart

Tonight when we went to put the baby to bed he was restless. He didn’t want to go to bed poor thing, had his lip out and was screaming at the top of his lungs. Annie put on Delilah for some soothing music while we tried to calm him down. Annie was holding Quincy and […]

Life goes on

I don’t know what came over us this weekend, but Annie the baby and I where all sick with some sort of stomach bug. Thankfully we are for the most part better now and we can get on with our daily routine. Quincy is advancing a lot in potty training, he now asks to go […]

Quincy = 2

Today we celebrated Quincy’s second birthday. As I think back on the last year it’s hard to imagine all of the things that have happened since his first birthday. He’s started walking, even running. He’s cut 12 teeth (each one accompanied by their very own sleepless night). He’s gained about 8 pounds this year alone, […]

Potty Training

Quincy’s first potty experience.