Photo Journal

Although this is our family blog and we will recount here much of our life, I thought it would be a good idea if we kept a photo journal that would depict the different stages of life that our family goes through. So every year on the same day we will get our family together and take a picture, we will then tag it on to this entry. At any given time you should be able to see how our family has changed since the beginning, the day of our wedding.

Year 2010

Annie (27) Jose (24)
Quincy (2) Enma (31…)

Year 2009

annie522009 jose522009
Annie (26) Jose (23)
quincy522009 enma522009
Quincy (1) Enma (30…)


  1. Luz Virginia Chávez says:


    Estrá enferma pero te ves muy bien

    Las lagrimas no me dejan escribir …
    La distancia es terrible … pero como digo … Garcias a San Goiogle y San Gates estamos un poco más cerca


  2. Luz Virginia Chávez says:

    bella enma
    y Jose tu imagen y semejanza

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