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Coulda, shoulda, woulda

I was supposed to start my weight loss blog this weekend, which was supposed to be a subsection of our website, buuuuuuuut it didn’t happen.  I’ve been in plateau for 4 weeks.  It happened once before but I was able to get out of it pretty quickly.  This time it’s proving to be a little […]

Chunky Chick

This blog is a little different from most.  I wanted to write a little about my weight loss.  I’ve been at this now since July.  Everyday has been spent carefully documenting how many calories I consume and how many calories I burn with exercise.  With the exception of a vacation and a few holidays here […]

Where did my baby go?

I know, I know…all I ever blog about is my kid.  So sue me! My latest complaint – Quincy is getting too old too fast and I can’t keep up.  I was talking to my good friend Kathy Westberry today (she actually married Jose and I for those of you who don’t know), anyway, I […]

Las Vegas is not for Broke Folk

Jose had a conference for work last week in Las Vegas and his boss invited me to go along.  We were so excited for months about this trip as it was kind of like a second honeymoon since we were going alone and were staying a few days after the conference.  Also not to mention […]

My Precious Quincy

As you know, the drama in my family never ends.  If you don’t know – between Jose and I, we could really write a series of novels, reality shows, and more just based on what goes on in our extended family.  And I promise they could seriously entertain/disgust/intrigue/outrage viewers for a lifetime.  So that’s my […]

Health Care

I am well aware at this moment in time that this is a very touchy subject for most people.  If you are reading this analysis, I appreciate it and I hope that it will not make you angry or upset, but that it will simply help you to see a point of view. Earlier on […]

What happened?

This will be a quick one.  Just wanted to write something down so I can remember it later. I started working for UNF as a work study student in Spring of 2002.  It’s now Fall of 2009, and while I’m no longer a work study student, I’m still working there.  In 2006, I graduated and […]

Man diets are hard!

Annie decided that before we had a baby she wanted to loose some weight. Over the past few weeks she has been doing a diet to accomplish this. She has reduced her calorie intake while still eating everything she likes. It sounded like a great idea but I didn’t know if it was going to […]

First impressions are NOT everything

A party for an 80 year old woman receiving her high school diploma…this is where we were this evening.  A teacher at my son’s daycare, Ms. Agnes.  She finally did it, proving to the world that it’s never too late to do something to better yourself and your livelihood. When I first met Ms. Agnes, […]