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One year past, a lifetime to go

At this time a year ago Annie and I were celebrating our wedding. It is incredible how time passes, it seems like it was only a few days ago when we were doing all the planning and the craze of the wedding was at a boiling point. This year that just passed has been amazing, […]

A chip in my shoulder, what’s the big idea?

As many of you have probably heard, yesterday little Somer Thompson was found dead in a GA landfill. Somer disappeared while walking home from school on Monday night and while the authorities did everything possible to locate her when she was found it was too late. The mother pleaded with the public just a few […]

Life goes on

I don’t know what came over us this weekend, but Annie the baby and I where all sick with some sort of stomach bug. Thankfully we are for the most part better now and we can get on with our daily routine. Quincy is advancing a lot in potty training, he now asks to go […]