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Oh the joys of Christmas

As we all know this year the economy hit us all very hard, we had a rough year here at home as well as everyone in our family. As Christmas approached we couldn’t help but wonder how we were going to pull it off. Our family is huge on both Annie’s and my side and […]

Feel like fallin’ in love…

I’m sure by now it’s public that Jose bought me front row seats to Anthony Hamilton.  I just got home from the concert and I am mesmerized.  My sister, Sylvia, went with me.  We got there early to make sure we didn’t miss even a second.  The show started with a comedian and then out […]

Sweet Home Jacksonville

  Late this afternoon as I was driving home from work, I began thinking about our city. My drive home takes me from the southside of town to the northside of town following SR-9A. Most afternoons I roll down my windows just long enough to let some of the heat out and the air conditioning […]