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Oh the joys of Christmas

As we all know this year the economy hit us all very hard, we had a rough year here at home as well as everyone in our family. As Christmas approached we couldn’t help but wonder how we were going to pull it off. Our family is huge on both Annie’s and my side and […]

Trip to the Zoo, the circle of life!

Last year for Christmas Aunt Wissa (Melissa) gave us a year long pass to the Jacksonville Zoo for Annie, Quincy and Me. The first time we went Quincy was 1 year old and just sat around and fell asleep on my head while walking it was an enjoyable trip for Annie and I but it […]

Annie is the Winner

Well, today I finally beat my husband in his Cuban version of rummy.  Yes, it looks like I’m the winner by 340 points.  Finally he decided to stop cheating and play fairly.  Of course, after I serenated him with my rendition of “I am the champion,” I proudly opened the front door and announced “ATTENTION NEIGHBORHOOD, I […]