Thanks for visiting our family blog!  Here we post the dramatic, the ordinary, and the weird stuff associated with our life and of course, the happy.  🙂

I am Annie, the wife and mommy.  Sometimes I am overly happy especially concerning anything with my child and generally I am cynical.  I am a web developer, database administrator, etc. working in higher education.  I am not nearly as good at those things as my husband but it’s a nice paycheck and I get to work for an institution that I love (UNF).  Someday I will go back to working in social services probably after my children are grown.  I figure by then I’ll need more to occupy my time.  For now, we have a 2 year old who I’m willing to bet is more active than most.  We would like to have a little brother or sister for him someday but first we have to situate our finances for the future and I have personal weight loss goals to meet.

While our immediate family is fairly boring and normal, our extended family gives us plenty of spice to keep life interesting.  Visit the blog to read our stories.  Enjoy!

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