Oh the joys of Christmas

As we all know this year the economy hit us all very hard, we had a rough year here at home as well as everyone in our family. As Christmas approached we couldn’t help but wonder how we were going to pull it off. Our family is huge on both Annie’s and my side and well everyone expects presents. Its just a thing we do, every Christmas like many other families we go all out, last year it was iPod’s, GPS’s and many items of the sort, but this year things were not looking too good.

In a fit of anguish we decided that this year everyone would get something, but we made a point to make the gifts more sentimental than material. We went to Sears and took several photos in the studio, bough a few frames and got to work. See everyone in my side of the family always complains about the fact that they don’t have enough pictures of Quincy or enough pictures of us. Turns out that everyone loved their gifts, there were tears of joy in people’s faces and that made it all better. I love the fact that we were still able to give everyone something although small, it was very valuable to them.

On the other hand, although we were tight for money we made sure that this didn’t affect our baby. All the money we saved with the pictures we used to buy him all sorts of toys, books and movies. He had such a blast, everyone else in the family did the same. Our Christmas Tree was filled with gifts for the kids from top to bottom and all around, everyone delivered and that was an awesome feeling, because no matter how tough the times get, the children should never be made aware of this.

On the night before Christmas Santa came to visit us, he spoke to each kid and gave them all toys. The joy and emotion in the kids face was priceless. None of them had ever seen Santa Clause and having him there to feel and touch was an amazing experience that I am sure will last for many years to come.

That night after the kids went to bed wed set out to pull out all the gifts and arrange them around the Christmas tree so that in the morning they would wake up and be marveled.

The next morning when the kids woke up they were ecstatic, Quincy ran over to his brand new toy box and giggled like a school boy. They spent the major part of the morning opening presents and after they were done we headed out to Granny’s house  (Annie’s Grandma). We spent some time with her, took her gifts and I sang some Christmas Carlos with my guitar.

At 6 pm the family got together in our house to enjoy dinner and share with each-other, it was an enjoyable Christmas with a few kinks but we didn’t let anything ruing it for us. I love Christmas and can’t wait for next year.

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