Las Vegas is not for Broke Folk

Jose had a conference for work last week in Las Vegas and his boss invited me to go along.  We were so excited for months about this trip as it was kind of like a second honeymoon since we were going alone and were staying a few days after the conference.  Also not to mention – this was the second spot on my Top-10-Places-to-Visit-Before-I-Die list.  So we ventured off together, leaving Quincy behind with my sister.

As soon as we stepped off the plane, the first thing we saw was slot machines (big surprise, eh?).  Then on to Caesar’s Palace.  Jose, of course, didn’t want to sleep even though it was technically 6:30am our time.  So we roamed about the city for a while and found an awesome casino with a steak and eggs breakfast for $5.99.  Shortly after we walked like zombies back to our hotel room.

The first day in Vegas was pretty exciting.  I had two whole days to spend alone in the city.  I walked the entire length of the strip and back, getting lost in casinos all day long.  I did a few things for myself and did a little shopping.  Both days were about the same.  The slot machines were fun but at times I only stopped to play them because they were practically the only place to sit in the city, along with dinner tables and toilets.  The most exciting part of those two days were the following: 1) I could go where ever I wanted without compromising with anyone 2) no car seat in tow and 3) ME-TIME.

102_2838Together we did all the cool, touristy stuff like the Bellagio Fountains, the mini-Eiffel Tower, gondola rides, buffets, museums, shows, etc.  But by the time Thursday rolled around, we were running low on the savings we built up for the trip, which only made it worse because we kept convincing ourselves that if we spent just 5 more bucks, we could make more money to build up the vacation budget.  HA!  That, my friends, was dumb.  Don’t do this.  And so we were ready to get back to home sweet Jacksonville, where there are park benches, post offices, drug stores, and groceries and where there are NOT roulette tables, $40 a person buffets, dry skin, and guys on the street flicking business cards at you with naked women on them.

All in all, it was fun and I’m happy we did it.  But let me give you a word of advice – a week in Vegas is too long – 3 or 4 days would be just about right.  Unless, of course, you have plenty o’ cash to waste on gambling, hookers, shows, buffets and tipping.  In that case, ROCK ON!

Ah, Vegas, you were fun for a short time, my dear.  Fortunately we will never see each other again.  lol  😉

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