A chip in my shoulder, what’s the big idea?

As many of you have probably heard, yesterday little Somer Thompson was found dead in a GA landfill. Somer disappeared while walking home from school on Monday night and while the authorities did everything possible to locate her when she was found it was too late. The mother pleaded with the public just a few hours ago for the abductor to return her


They should know that she’s one of the most loving little girls in the whole wide world. She doesn’t know a stranger,” Diena Thompson said of her daughter, Somer. “And if somebody has her, please just bring her home. Read More…

As a father I could not stop thinking about what happened and somehow I knew they would find her but it would be too late. Just 5 days before she was taken another abduction attempt was made in the same neighborhood but luckily the little girl got away safely. I feel so terrible for Diena Thompson (Somer’s Mother), she didn’t do anything wrong she dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s but her little girl was taken nevertheless. I imagine how powerless she must feel, how angry at herself and the world. Who can blame her? The world just took her little girl and no one has yet been held responsible, but even if someone was it won’t change the fact that Somer is gone.

Yesterday while I was freaking out over this, I continued to think that perhaps if there had been a way to locate Somer at all times this would have not happened. I went on the Internet to find out of such a thing existed and I ran across several options which I think would be great (in theory)

The one that I found to be most useful is https://www.amberalertgps.com/ 

Introducing the new Amber Alert GPS 2G.  The world’s smallest, most powerful GPS tracking device.  Tracking your child is as easy as placing a call or sending a text.  Simply place this device in a pocket, purse, backpack or car, or attach to a wrist, ankle, or belt.  Call or text the AAGPS device, and within seconds you’ll receive a detailed map and address of their exact location right on your web-enabled phone.  You can also track one or more devices from your computer.


This device provides all the capabilities I would want while being relatively affordable.

The only problem I find is that it is a removable device, that is the predator can remove it from the child at any time and then it becomes obsolete. Over the past few years I have continually advocated for GPS implants being made available for kids, the technology exists and in my opinion it would make a lot of parents sleep better at night. Unfortunately there is a great deal of people out there that oppose this method citing several factors like privacy and security.

The main argument is that by doing something like that you would be infringing in the privacy of your child because now you are able to know exactly where they are at all times, I am sorry but can someone tell me what in the world is wrong with that? He is my child I provide for him, I am responsible for him and his well-being I find it completely reasonable that I be allowed to monitor where he is in order to keep him safe. Once he has reached adulthood he is free to walk into a clinic and have the chip removed.

I believe that this technology would greatly improve the odds of kidnap victims being found and rescued in time, I would dare to argue that if Somer had something like this with her she would have perhaps been found in time. We have lost several children and there is no need to loose any more. We can find a way to make something like this work so that we can all lead healthy lives while being able to provide and take care of our children. I don’t know about you but if this technology ever becomes approved I will save every dime I have to ensure my child has it.

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