Trip to the Zoo, the circle of life!

Last year for Christmas Aunt Wissa (Melissa) gave us a year long pass to the Jacksonville Zoo for Annie, Quincy and Me.

The first time we went Quincy was 1 year old and just sat around and fell asleep on my head while walking


it was an enjoyable trip for Annie and I but it felt  like Quincy was bored and didn’t really understand what was happening

We took him there several more times since with a similar result, sometimes he enjoyed himself for a while, but for the most part he would cry and act annoyed.

Yesterday when we awoke the day was gorgeous and the temperature was just right, so we decided to give it another try. We got up, got dressed and headed out to the Zoo; the whole time Quincy was screaming, so excited about our trip. He would said “I wan go the zoo!!!!!!” .

This came as a surprise for us since he never cared about it before. We got there sat him on the stroller and started our long walk around. I expected him to get annoyed or cry as soon as he got bored, but to my surprise he was very attentive, even asked to be taken out of the stroller so that he could see better and literally spent the whole trip on my shoulders.

We saw the Elephants, Zebras and Giraffes; Quincy knew all the names and pointed them out, he would call out “Hewo Elephant” or “I wove you Giraffe!”  It was a very exciting trip and it showed me just how much out baby has learned over the last year.

He now talks a lot, his vocabulary has expanded exponentially and has even learned to conjugate verbs and use tenses correctly. He is growing so fast! It is hard for me to fathom that only a year ago he couldn’t talk or communicate with us, and now he is at the Zoo calling out animals and having “adult” conversations with us. I look forward to taking him to the Zoo more often  and I hope that he continues developing the interest he showed for the animals and for learning.


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