First impressions are NOT everything

A party for an 80 year old woman receiving her high school diploma…this is where we were this evening.  A teacher at my son’s daycare, Ms. Agnes.  She finally did it, proving to the world that it’s never too late to do something to better yourself and your livelihood.

When I first met Ms. Agnes, my first thought of her was pleasant.  Although my younger sister had spoken of her many times, what I found was not completely what I was expecting.  She told me of how much she respected Ms. Agnes and how much this woman did to pull her weight around the job.  I thought my son was going to be in that daycare just temporarily so I didn’t give much thought to the situation.  I never thought I would meet such a remarkable person – a person who is a true inspiration to the people who know her.

When I was at the store getting her card, I ran into an old friend and we stopped and chatted for a bit.  He was someone that I met my first year in college.  We had an Honors class together (one of my most difficult courses in college).  I thought he was a funny guy n547999214_1507475_567685in class and a girl who I got really close to befriended him.  Now this is the part where you have to pay close attention.  Years passed and that girlfriend of mine (Jen), we saw less and less of each other.  However, her roommate (Melissa) and I became closer as a result of it.  She also happened to be friends with the guy from class (Matt).  As I spoke to him in the greeting card aisle of Target, I thought back to when we all first met.  That moment seemed so insignificant and if someone were to have whispered over my shoulder “hey, this will be the guy who will play the piano at your wedding and make you shed tears from the first note through the last note and hey, this will also be the guy who helps you paint your red accent wall in the living room of the first house you buy”…I would have laughed and called that person crazy.  And if later when I met Melissa and was having the first impression thoughts of “wow, this girl is kind of boring and obviously doesn’t like me,” if someone said to me “this will be your best friend, this will be the first person you call in hysteria when you find out that your pregnant, this will be the girl whom you will make trip after trip to Orlando for while she’s there trying to make a relationship work”….well, I would have called them crazy again.

Then I got to thinking about the first impression I had of Jose.  The first time I ever saw him was on the job and he came walking out from behind a wall of computers.  Was a nice guy but the only thing I was interested in was him telling me where my boss was on my first day at work.  And later when we became good work buddies and were laughing across the room at each other, I never knew I would love him.  How could I?  It seemed like we came from 2 very different worlds.  Then good ole father time stepped in and showed me that we were almost the same person, almost as if someone had broken us apart from each other in another life and the seam where we were ripped apart would fit back together perfectly.

And now as I sit here in BABY_2my bedroom (I kicked everyone out), I think about the first time I knew of my little Quincy’s existence.  A pregnancy test…ha!  And the notorious first thought “this can’t be happening now, I’m not ready, I’m too young, what will I do, how will I survive?”  And I did and I developed a relationship over the course of 9 months with someone I never even met (really that was 10 months but who’s counting, eh?).  The first time I ever saw his little heart beating on the ultrasound, he was 6 weeks old.  I was so connected to him, my heart flooded with feelings I never knew I could have and my eyes flooded with tears and I cried (the ugly cry almost…the shaking cry that you get when your mom leaves you on the first day of school).  And I loved him from that moment and from that moment my first impression of “NO!” went out the door and I knew that I had been lying to myself.

So, yeah, I guess the point is that first impressions aren’t everything.  I think we should treat the folks we meet a little better.  Just because, who knows – that might be the 80 year old woman who inspires you, or the friend of a lifetime who puts you back together again when you’ve fallen apart, or the baby who changes your life, or maybe even the man of your dreams?  None of them recognizable at first.  Thank you Jesus for giving us love.  I don’t want to know a life without it.

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  1. Annie I just sent your husband a very similar comment….Quit making me cry everytime I visit you and Jose’s webpage. We all know how both of you can make everyone cry tears of sappiness. You both proved that at the wedding perfectly. There is no need to continue the spreading of the love bug. We all know how he feel about his wife and son and how you feel about your husband and son and it makes me want to cry!!!!! Just kidding. Don’t stop it give us other women feel like maybe just maybe there are good men in the world that we aren’t related to. You did a darn good job of finding yours!!!!!We are all very happy for both you. But seriously I’m going to quit visiting the Gomez page because if it’s not you, it’s him making me cry…..Ya’ll belong together. The way ya’ll speak of each other and Q-bug can make the strongest of people cry their eyes out!!!!! Love all three of you. But seriously I like crying when I hear how much my favorite brother-in-law loves my nephew and sister so much and then posting it all over the Gomez webpage!!!!! and I know for sure you won’t stop will….You will definately spread the love. Like always. Just thought I’d tell you and Jose how I cry like a baby everytime I read about the Annie, Jose, and Quincy Gomez love story…..It’s like a fairy tale of the princess and her prince charming…..IT’S SOOOO SWEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love Ya’ll,
    Your Youngest Sister Of Thirteen Years,

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