Listen to your heart

famTonight when we went to put the baby to bed he was restless. He didn’t want to go to bed poor thing, had his lip out and was screaming at the top of his lungs. Annie put on Delilah for some soothing music while we tried to calm him down.

Annie was holding Quincy and then the song “Listen to your heart” performed by Kelly Clarkson started playing. I joined them as they danced and for the whole time the music was playing we just stared at each other. The baby leaned his head on my chest as we hugged and danced.

This was the sweetest moment we’ve had in a while, the three of us cuddled up danced away through the night. For those short 3 minutes there were no problems, no fights, and no stress. Everything was perfect, no one interrupted us with a request, no one required attention. We danced and stared, we kissed and snugled.

Sitting here I wonder how in the world I lived before? What was Annie doing before I met her? How did I get around without them? And Quincy such a little defenseless creature, how can something so small cause you so much happiness and joy? So many questions without answer… but who needs them. I’ve got them, they are mine; mine for ever! I don’t care what happens or where life takes us I will never leave them, they need me and more importantly, I need them.

It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.  ~Johann Schiller

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  1. Jose…Quit making me cry everytime I visit you and Annie’s webpage. We all know how you can make everyone cry tears of sappiness. You proved that at the wedding perfectly. There is no need to continue the spreading of the love bug. We all know how you feel about your wife and son and it makes me want to cry!!!!! Just kidding. Don’t stop it makes us feel like maybe just maybe there are good men in the world that your not related to. My sister did a darn good job of finding hers…..We are all very happy for both you. But seriously I’m going to quit visiting the Gomez page because if it’s not her, it’s you making me cry…..Ya’ll belong together. The way ya’ll speak of each other and Q-bug can make the strongest of people cry their eyes out!!!!! Love all three of you. Keep making me cry by loving my nephew and sister so much and then posting and I know for sure she will…..She’ll spread the love. Like always. Just thought I’d tell you and Annie how I cry like a baby everytime I read about the Annie, Jose, and Quincy Gomez love story…..It’s like a fairy tale of the princess and her prince charming…..IT’S SOOOO SWEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!

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