Annie is the Winner

It's too bad Jose lost...

It's too bad Jose lost...

Well, today I finally beat my husband in his Cuban version of rummy.  Yes, it looks like I’m the winner by 340 points.  Finally he decided to stop cheating and play fairly.  Of course, after I serenated him with my rendition of “I am the champion,” I proudly opened the front door and announced “ATTENTION NEIGHBORHOOD, I HAVE BEAT HIM TODAY AND I AM THE WINNER.”

Yes, I know it is quite the shocker that I would be such a sore winner but you have to understand how many times I have played this game and came in dead last.  Therefore today I will rub it in for this one last time before we go to bed.  Buuuuuut, I am thankful for such a wonderful husband because no one else would put up with this crap…lol.  I love you, dear.

Today was nice.  Jose taught me how to build a computer (Kathy’s to be specific…it’s coming, girl!).  Quincy used the potty, we had a lovely Panera breakfast in our pajamas, I won the game and basically nothing else was significant because I am not going to allow the bad things to be just that.  I’m looking forward to a great day tomorrow with Melissa, some laundry and more potty-training.  Goodnight.

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