Potty Training

qcSince this is our family blog, I figured it would be appropriate for our first blog entry to be exactly about that. We started potty training Quincy a few days ago, every 2 or 3 hours we take his clothes off and sit him on the potty. So far he had just sat there looking confused and wondering why we were staring at him.

Last night after sitting on the potty for a few minutes, he started to pee. He was confused and amused, it was the first step in the right direction. Today we had an awesome day, we went to the park and hung out with Q, uncle Jim and Paula. We got home a few minutes ago and we put Quincy in the potty, to our surprise after a few minutes he was done. He had pooped in the potty. We are well on our way to potty training! YEY for parenting!

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